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Site is live! Some elements are still being updated.

Lunch, happy hour, and dinner menus are up under the menu section!

Update: With King county in phase II, we are open again for dine-ins! If you are unsure of what “phase II” entails, please look here.
For lunch, we are limiting dine-in service to 3 tables while we are opening 5 tables for dinner service.

We, at Sushi Kanpai, are grateful for our patrons for supporting us through this difficult time. We understand that the public health of Washington State comes first and hope you all will be patient with the guidelines set forth and look forward to serving you. Stay safe everyone!

Some guidelines to follow:

  1. Face masks are required to enter the restaurant.
  2. We have hand sanitizer readily available for patrons.
  3. Please limit your stay within the restaurant after picking up your food to make room for others who are either picking up or placing their order.

Steps we’re taking to ensure safety for our staff and customers:

  1. Sushi chefs and kitchen staff are always wearing masks and gloves; as well as sanitizing equipment
  2. Servers sanitize hands regularly and use gloves
  3. Tables and seats are sanitized after each dine-in seating
  4. Soy sauce containers are cleaned between each group and refilled on a need-basis
  5. Soy sauce dishes and chopsticks are given on a need-basis (They are not on the tables until a dine-in comes in)